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2015 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
Sendai, Japan May 25-28, 2015

Tutorial Schedule and Links to Materials

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Small Conference Room 1 (on the first floor)
Evolutionary Algorithms as a Dynamical Complex System
Ivan Zelinka
Differential Evolution: Population Topologies and Ensemble Strategies
P. N. Suganthan
Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Optimization Problems
Shengxiang Yang
Convergence Detection and Stopping Criteria for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Luis Marti and Nayat Sanchez-Pi
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Small Conference Room 2 (on the first floor)
Decomposition and Cooperative Coevolution Techniques for Large Scale Global Optimization
Xiaodong Li
Evolutionary Computation and Games
Julian Togelius
Runtime Analysis of Population-based Evolutionary Algorithms
Per Kristian Lehre
Evolutionary Multitasking and Implications for Cloud Computing
Yew Soon Ong, Abhishek Gupta, and Kay Chen Tan
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Small Conference Room 4 (on the second floor)
Multi-Armed Bandits for Evolutionary Algorithms
Madalina M. Drugan
Semi-Automated Algorithm Design with Genetic Programming
Jerry Swan and John R. Woodward
An Introduction to Bioinformatics for EC Researchers
Wendy Ashlock
Cultural Algorithms: Putting Social Networks to Work
Robert G. Reynolds
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Small Conference Room 5 (on the second floor)
Medical Applications of Evolutionary Computation
Stephen L. Smith
Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization
Ankur Sinha and Kalyanmoy Deb
Thresheld Convergence in PSO, DE, and other Search Methods
Stephen Chen and James Montgomery
Deploying Evolutionary Computation in Industry: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Bogdan Filipic
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Medium Conference Room Shirakashi (on the third floor)
An Overview of Evolutionary Algorithms and Hyper Heuristics
Nelishia Pillay
A Survey of Representations for Evolutionary Computation
Daniel Ashlock
Data-driven Evolutionary Algorithms
Ke Tang and Kai Qin
Statistical Tests for Computational Intelligence
Hideyuki Takagi
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