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Charles Welty (brief vita)Picture of Charles Welty with Hawaiian sunset background
Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus)
Computer Science Department
University of Southern Maine
96 Falmouth Street 
P.O. Box 9300 
Portland, ME 04104-9300 
Tel:: (207) 780-4240 
FAX: (207) 228-8271 
TDD: (207) 780-5646 
Office: 224 Science Building, Portland Campus, 
See map (take I-295 exit 6B, turn left on Bedford or Falmouth Street, then find Building 40, Science Building (also contains the Planetarium)).

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Previous classes
Previous classes (1997 through Spring 2014)

On-line Bookstores (Note: Buy very early and allow several weeks to a month for delivery of new and, especially, used books.  Many students do not have their books by the beginning of the semester, especially if they buy used books.  Many used books sellers are small operations with limited staff.)   (So what else is new?)   (Can save money here.)  (Check it out.) 
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Human Computer Interaction (AKA Computer Human Interaction)
Opinion sites:
UI Wizards Web Blooper Archive
Joel on Software
Ask Tog
Web Pages That Suck
Interface Hall of Shame (iarchitect, this is the main Hall of Shame)
Bad Human Factors Designs (physical objects, not software)
Resource sites:
Definition of HCI
ACM SIGCHI Curricula for HCI
Jakob Nielsen's Website ( 
Nielsen-Norman Group
User Interface Engineering (Jared Spool)
Usability Professionals Association

IBM's Ease of Use site
The HCI Bibliography
The Usability Group
Usable Web (Links to articles on various HCI topics)
GNOME Human Interface Guidelines 2.2
Apple OSX User Experience Material
Windows Desktop Application Guidelines
University sites:
Bentley College
Carleton University's HOT Lab
Univ. of Maryland HCI Lab
Stanford's HCI Program
Master of Science in HCI, Rochester Institute of Technology
Informatics at UC Irvine, University of California, Irvine
MSc in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies, University of York, England
Organization sites:
SIGCHI Homepage

Ethics Conference
Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conferences
(Search on Computer Ethics or Computer Ethics Conferences for more)

ACM Student Web Site
For Career Info, Projects, and more.

A regional conference

Learn HTML (and more) in your own home! 

Other educational links. 
American Universities
Web U.S. Higher Education
General Education Online (world listing) (Links to college sites)

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